Welcome to Ebb & Bow

My name is Jennifer and I am an adult violinist beginner. I currently study at the Acadiana Conservatory of Music. I have played approximately 4.5 months at the creation of this blog with 6 years musical experience with the flute.

Ebb and Bow originated as a play on the idiom “Ebb and Flow.” Basically , in regards to ones life, it represents the notion of the highs and lows that we all go through. The violin is a very powerful instrument. The journey in which a person strives to reach their goals with this instrument can be a long and arduous one. This idiom states that you shouldn’t procrastinate because. . .

Time and Tide waits for no man.


Adult violinists happen to witness all these ups and downs as they materialize, something that a child the age of 5 cannot comprehend. This is where many adult violinists need to collaborate and share experiences and problems.

This site is hopefully the stumbling ground for players who are studying the violin. This is where I, as a new violinists and avid writer, will document my ups and downs so that maybe someone will feel like they are not alone. More importantly, so that the reader will feel encouraged to keep striving.

During the course of these posts, I will also link and list different topics and accompanying sites that I have found to enlighten and help. It can be hard to find the right sources for information when learning such an advanced instrument, so hopefully my input can help cluster information.

As the site builds and progresses, I hope to share my journey through playing violin as well as get to know the community of adult violinists who visit my site. Also, I hope for teachers to visit and add input in the comments section. It’s important for musicians to come together. Here, I wish to create a grounds to show the beauty of music and thought that goes into understanding interpretation.

Everyone is welcome to add input on my posts. I am a violin newbie, so I wish to gather as much information as possible along my journey.